Case Study

Family tree Dental

Increased patient numbers of a dental service provider with 4 locations by revitalizing their online presence.

Project Overview

Client Name

Family Tree Dental


Dental Services

Start Date

January 2022

Services Provided

Website Redesign

To ensure our marketing efforts pointed to an effective website, we completed a full redesign for Family Tree Dental, modernizing their online presence to drive patient engagement and conversions.

Social Media

We revitalized Family Tree Dental's social media strategy, fostering engagement and trust by consistently posting and actively engaging with their audience on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

PPC Advertising

We strategically implemented pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns, effectively leveraging Google Ads to drive targeted traffic and potential patient conversions for Family Tree Dental across all their locations.

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The Challenge

Client’s Perspective
Family Tree Dental (FTD), a reputable dental practice with four thriving locations, sought a dynamic marketing partner to breathe new life into their online presence. Facing a dated website and the need to expand their patient base, FTD embarked on a quest to find a marketing team that could deliver results efficiently and affordably.

Why Mark Thomas Media
MTM emerged as the preferred choice for several compelling reasons. FTD appreciated MTM’s agility and quick response time, ensuring that their project would move forward without delay. Moreover, MTM’s transparent pricing and glowing references resonated with FTD’s values of excellence and affordability.

The Solution

We embarked on a comprehensive strategy to rejuvenate Family Tree Dental’s digital landscape. Through a modernized website redesign, we prioritized user-centric design, conversion optimization, and seamless navigation. Simultaneously, our social media revival fostered audience engagement, building trust and a loyal online community. In addition, our strategic PPC advertising campaigns, tailored for each location, effectively leveraged Google Ads to drive targeted traffic and potential patient conversions. This holistic approach not only transformed FTD’s online image but also significantly enhanced their patient acquisition and engagement efforts, yielding exceptional results.

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