Case Study

White's Plumbing & Electrical

Heavily increased the website traffic and leads of a plumbing service by revitalizing their online presence.

Project Overview

Client Name

White's Plumbing & Electrical


Plumbing and Electrical Services

Start Date

June 2021

Services Provided

SEO Services

Our comprehensive SEO services were instrumental in significantly increasing White's Plumbing and Electrical's organic visibility and monthly website visits, marking a transformative milestone in their digital journey.

Social Media

We gave life to White's Plumbing and Electrical's social media on various platforms - helping their online presence shine, connected them with their audience, and generated leads for their business.

PPC Advertising

We used our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) expertise to run campaigns that brought in targeted visitors to White's Plumbing and Electrical. This helped them get noticed and attracted potential customers their way.

Monthly Website Visitors
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Impressions From Campaigns
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Higher CTR on PPC Campaigns than 2021 Average
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The Challenge

Client’s Perspective
Closer Look General Contracting partnered with our team in January 2023, seeking to elevate their digital presence and drive business growth by improving their existing efforts. As a leader in residential construction and remodeling, they aimed to solidify their online footprint and increase brand recognition.

The MTM Impact
Since the inception of our partnership, MTM has made significant strides in enhancing White’s digital presence and overall business growth. Key highlights include a website redesign, logo updates, social media management across multiple platforms, and targeted PPC campaigns. Most importantly, our SEO services have been an instrumental part in boosting White’s organic visibility.

The Solution

White’s online presence has evolved dramatically thanks to SEO. Monthly website visits have surged from a mere 50 to an impressive 10,000, fueled in part by engaging blog content. Such remarkable growth has not only solidified their position within their industry but has also empowered them to expand their offerings into new industries and markets.

As a trusted partner in growth, MTM continues to collaborate with White’s Plumbing and Electrical, providing comprehensive digital marketing solutions. Together, we’re paving the way for sustained success and a brighter digital future.

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