Our Team

Heather Pierson

Director of Social Media Content and Traditional Media Buyer

With a staggering 18 years of marketing experience, Heather is MTM’s Social Media Maven and Traditional Media Maestro!

As the Director of Social Media Content, Heather turns mere posts into viral phenomena. As the Traditional Media Buyer she’s an architect of the airwaves. Better known as HP (and no, it’s not just a printer thing), Heather is a Wordsmith with a capital “W.” Her mind is a treasure trove of creative ideas, and her content is like magic – it makes our clients’ dreams come true.

Born and raised in Ohio, Heather brings a touch of northern grit to our southern charm. When she’s not conquering the marketing jungle, Heather embraces her role as an LEO wife and the fearless leader of three incredibly active children.

So, whether you’re in need of marketing magic, a dose of unvarnished reality, or simply a good laugh, HP is your go-to guide. Connect today and let the marketing marvels and merriment begin!

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