How Much Should My Facebook Campaign Cost?

When a business approaches Mark Thomas Media for help with their marketing and advertising, the biggest question is always “how much is this gonna cost me?”. Fair question, and one that we take very seriously. For the social media budget, we take these things into consideration: What is the End Goal? Is your business interested […]

Why Are Google Reviews Important for My Business?

We live in a day where people trust what they read online more than their own friends and family. Your spouse could tell you that the pizza place down the street is the best one in the area, but you will still search for that restaurant online and make a decision about whether or not […]

How Much of My Budget Should Be TV vs Radio?

Many business owners will ask some form of “How much of my advertising should go to radio and how much to TV?” as one of their traditional media questions. Though this is a very understandable question, there is no silver bullet that will be the perfect mix for all people. When it comes to determining […]

Facebook for Businesses: The Basics

Facebook for Businesses: The Basics Congratulations, you’ve started your own business! While there are countless ways of letting people know about your business, one of the least expensive branding tools to reach the most people is social media. Let’s go through the steps of creating a Facebook business page! You are required to have a […]

How Much Should a TV Campaign Cost?

How Much Should a TV Campaign Cost? One of the biggest questions any new advertiser has is “How much is it going to cost?” Obviously there are too many factors in play for there to be a simple answer, but at Mark Thomas Media, we want to help you understand how we come up with […]

Design How To: Clear Your Scratch Disk

Design How To: Clear Your Scratch Disk If you’re in the middle of your latest project and keep getting that pesky pop-up about your scratch disk being full, here are some tips. What is a Scratch Disk? Any design software, including Photoshop, requires a substantial sized work space called virtual memory or cache memory to […]

What Type of Facebook Ads Should I Run?

What Type of Facebook Ads Should I Run? Whether you’re starting to invest more resources in social media advertising or are simply taking an analysis of your current advertising strategy, it’s important to know which Facebook ads will help you reach your business goals, and which are not the right fit your marketing strategy. Deciding […]

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